Our mission at Gnostic Life is to enable you to establish the conditions in your life where you can access your peaceful pathway to personal empowerment by developing your own personal understanding and experiential knowledge of your God, through a process of practical spirituality and Gnostic Initiation, as Priest(ess), Prophet(ess) and King or Queen.’

Gnostic UK quote: 'For I desire steadfast love and not sacrifice, Knowledge of God, not holocausts.'

The ‘Gnostic Gospels’ discovered at Nag Hammadi in 1945, two thousand years after being hidden in a cave, reveal the fuller potential of humanity, the human mind and ultimately, the living experience of the human race.

The recognition of the fuller dignity of an individual, capable of a personal experiential knowledge of God, redefines the status of human kind, living informed and ordered lives, in receipt of Gnosis or Knowledge, under the empowering direction and transformational power of the Divine.

Gnostic initiation and a very practical spiritual methodology provide remarkable results.  The benefits are undeniable in the life of the individual. The path to their God is cleared and the road straightened.  A direct relationship with their God is established and is central to their lives. And an awareness of their conscious contact with their God is central to the approach being taken.


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