Educating Men

The Gnostic Initiation process is open equally to men and to women.  God has no dividing lines in our estimation and the fullest rewards are always derived from those who adopt and maintain the very practical spiritual process.

Raising awareness about inequality and women is a challenge. This will inevitably and necessarilly involve great sacrifice but nothing compared with the ongoing and unchecked suffering endured by women in many parts of the world.  This movement needs the enduring support and involvement of men, as advocates and educators of both women and men and also financially.

Gnostic Guardians

We would encourage men who feel that have what it takes to support the Gnostic Life Foundation on a voluntary basis over the next ten years with their time, effort, know how and financial resources, to consider applying for the role of Gnostic Guardian.

Gnostic Feminine Prayer for Men
‘Please God we ask you for Your thoughts and perceptions of Women.
We ask God that we see Women as You see Women’.