Educating Women

We are remarkably in an age where recognizing women’s rights as human rights (good look with the election Hillary) is still a matter of debate. ┬áThe continuing need to raise awareness regarding the human value of women, to challenge prejudice and abuse and to support women in education and training, to redress social and economic inequality, is a vital spiritual mission.

Gnostic Life recognizes that the spiritual empowerment of women as a Gnostic Council of Representatives, will provide the focus and inspiration in an organisation run by women, to support the interests of women, in societies all around the world.

A key aim of the Gnostic Council is to open a Free School or equivqlent for girls in the UK, to provide a high quality, informed education. The Free School will receive a quota of students from abroad and partner with schools in other countries to promote gender equality.

Fundraising will be essential to achieving these objectives so please donate to Gnostic Life if you can.