Priest(ess), Prophet(ess), King or Queen


A Priest(ess) has a thorough and personal understanding of the transformation process and an ability to convey the initial stage of the initiation process precisely to prospective initiates.


Having engaged personally with the transformation process, the Prophet(ess) has experience of receiving direct and personalised revelation, experiential knowledge of their God and an increasing awareness of being known by God. The Prophet(ess) is willing to share and record their spiritual odyssey and changing life experience associated with an increasing dependence on God.

King or Queen

A King or Queen is increasingly open to receiving from God’s abundance with an awareness of God’s power working in all areas of their lives. A King or Queen begins to recognise the true path and experience the clarity and sanity of an unclouded mind and lives not by faith but on the basis of their own experiential knowledge and intuition.

A King or Queen is consequently endowed with confidence, assurance and personal empowerment, given an increasing awareness of their individual spiritual resurrection and an increasing spiritual mastery.

A King or Queen is aware that first class living is becoming the norm. A King or Queen is a happy servant of God’s Will and lives with good orderly direction under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.