The Feminine

The central role of the feminine both in the life and death of Jesus Christ cannot be ignored. ¬†Mary Magdalene is recorded in the Gnostic Gospels as the only one of his group of followers with the spiritual capability and understanding to receive the fullness of the spirit or ‘breath’ and as ‘the woman who knows all’.

The spiritual figurehead of Gnostic Life is feminine. We recognise Mary Magdalene as the First Apostle of Christ. The Foundation Day for the Gnostic Life organisation will be 22nd July 2018.

Gnostic Life is dedicated to making reparation to the reputation of Mary Magdalene and all women and to promoting the spiritual interests of women.  Gnostic Life recognises that gender equality in society can only realistically be achieved when underpinned by spiritual equality and the spiritual empowerment of women.

All spiritual, administrative and leadership roles at Gnostic Life for the first 2025 Years will be women, following the election of it’s first Spiritual Marion Leader on 22nd July 2025.